Les Galaxies de Cartier

Venturing into new territories and creating a surprise: Cartier has created a collection of limited-edition jewellery pieces based around a singular theme. This first exercise in style explores the cosmos.


Chart this astrological phenomenon: the planetary alignment along the same axes uniting the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, together in the sky. Each is a universe in itself, just like their ever-changing colours, with nuances of bronze green, peacock feather, and fly wing iridescence. 

Cartier sends pearls from Tahiti into orbit caged within the sculptural design of two white gold cage-bracelets.


Call upon the imaginary and upon the idea that we are made from meteorites and asteroids: from stardust made of fragments of rocks, which have crystallised on a journey lasting several million years.

Pink gold, diamonds, moonstone and milky quartz form an irregular mesh of square cones which reflect one another.


Seeing the Earth from space at night, a hypersphere that pulsates with branches of millions of red, yellow, and blue points, like a great urban canvas. As it moves, yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, fiery opals and diamonds obey the same undulating phenomenon. A sparkling flow of mobile stones are mounted upon a rail which radiates continuously.


Representing the milky way, its solar systems and its black holes in gravitation within the great galactic disc. Diverted from their traditional role, the diamonds enter the creative sphere of the Cartier galaxies.

Mobile, they are mounted using a "trembling setting" (serti vibrant), an original Cartier technique, which has been miniaturised for the occasion.